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Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Stan FloreK 4

Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Stan FloreK 4

“Universal olive groves”

‘I’ll go to fight for Asturias, my beloved homeland’ – my father used to sing. As a boy of about five, I wanted to know why. Slowly “Asturias, patria querida” and the entire Spanish Civil War evolved into a symbol. I became aware that peace and freedom need defending, generation after generation.

I was born in Poland in the middle of the most violent and brutal century in human history, just one year before the death of Stalin. Europe was still traumatized by the war. But the dictators and generals held power; massive atrocities and war crimes were still to come.

The upheavals in Spain in the 1930s were overshadowed by World War II. And yet in my formative years it was a reflection on the Spanish Civil War that influenced my humanistic outlook, in life and in art. My father was deeply disturbed by the war but, strangely, he seemed to regret he was unable at 14 years old to join the Polish volunteers who went to defend the Republic.

It took me longer to discover the poetry of Miguel Hernandez but it was inevitable, for the humanistic olive groves embrace men universally. Human dignity and rights need defending. Often poets stand up as first to speak out, tormented by loving so much. And pay with their lives. All dictators turn into dust, but poets live, to meet the flying souls, because we have so much to talk about dear friends.

Stan Florek
Antipodean's encounter whit the poet Miguel Hernandez

This year is the centenary of the Spanish poet Miguel Hernández (1910-1942).
In the Antipodes we remember him for his moving poetry and humanism.

We celebrate this centenary with modest touches, combining the creative
potential of words, visual arts and music. We intend to rediscover the poet
and his verses in a relaxed manner; reflect on the past and present;
consider his legacy and value for our times, in art and in life.

In the hectic rush of daily affairs, it is easy to forget the spiritual and
sensual nourishment of the arts and literature. Today we take a much needed
breath, relax and share the beauty of Hernández’ verses and the modern creative
work they inspired.

The miracle of life finds its best expression in the arts – humanistic communion
above the confines of time and borders, giving hope to suffering, shelter to thought
and vision to those who cannot see. The ordinary words and rough textures in the
poet’s hands acquire rich meanings and stir deep emotions; they inspire us to doubt
the certainties and to find certainty in doubt, allowing the imprisoned spirit to fly.
ff mendoza -2010 Edited by Stan FloreK

victor monasterio

Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Victor Monasterio  3
Presente al encuentro,facilitador
Eduardo jaque

Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente, Eduardo Jaque


El alma vuela - Fliying soul

Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,El alma vuela


Tito del Muro -VALENCIA/ SPAIN

Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente Tito del Muro b2

tito del muro nuevo libro


Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente.Pilar rego


Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Miguel Cabezas


Javier Santos Asensi

Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Javier Santos Asensi


Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,FF mendoza
Gema Badiola - AUSTRALIA
Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Gema Badiola



Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Mario Licon


Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente,Justo Diaz



Encuentros Antipodeanos; Presente.Vicente Monera
Basada en los poemeas y musicalizaciones de miguel hernandez

El sol  la rosa y el nino  2

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