viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

ZALZALA Sydney Writers' Festival Auburn Poets and Writers Event - 2010

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2010
Zalzala: Inner Quakes and After Shocks

The Earth Quakes. Listen as Auburn Poets and Writers Group goes under the skin of culture shock.

Cultures within cultures ? intersexions of body and soulful words, dislocations of place and inner languages, a collidescope of climate changes in the whether.

Tremors of the heart. A collaborative multilingual spoken-word performance, creating rhythms and linkages between the experience of change in culture and climate.

Presented by Auburn Poets and Writers Group.

Tuesday, May 18 2010
18:30 - 20:30

Peacock Gallery, Auburn Botanic Gardens
Auburn Botanic Gardens
Corner of Chiswick and Chisholm Roads

Auburn Poets and Writers Group (Australian)
Auburn Poets and Writers Group has been creating an open and dynamic space for a diversity of writers since 2005. Since 2006, APWG has performed annually at SWF, and in 2008 published ‘Auburn Letters’.

Featuring Alissar Chidiac, Ann Jarjoura, Bhagavadas Sriskanthadas, Bill (Willem) Tibben, Danny Gardner, Gina Wilson, Homayoun Tavakoli, Melissa Paris, Nashaa Hamody Abdul-Hassan, Nur J Alam, Rima Najm and Ten Ch’in U.

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