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-Sea horse / Caballo Marino / Animation Frame

Sea horse / Caballo Marino / Animation Frame

Artist lateral Journal; Day Digital

This is one of the drawings I made using Gimp
before that I experimented with my drawings with the mouse
or computer image using the traditional programs that came on all IBM computers; Paint
In reality the practice of technology interested me very little, I always had a tendency to be technophobic.
The fact that by using the mouse like a pencil or brush, caught my attention.
In reality this particular use first caught my interest in the mid 80's during a new technology show in Nice.

Like any phobia it takes time to overcome now I'am there or nearly ...

Interestingly, speaking of programs that I used often as a digital graphics program was called "Clarisworks".

The latter program was designed not even for artwork but it was a text program with graphic presentation and statistical evaluation graphics business and other presentations in that style.

Gimp is the first software used to create digital paintings or drawings it contains a large variety of tools for manipulating
and graphic design

I created animations with gimp from digital drawings (and new of course new ones as well), I ended up reducing the number of frames or range of the animation due to lack of memory on the computer.

In my files are some examples of these animations and if time that always escapes permits me, I will re-digitize and enhance for projections in high definition.

Time will tell

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